Reliable Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection Systems

With a comprehensive portfolio and expertise in advanced inspection technologies, we offer flexible solutions throughout the pharmaceutical product journey. From lab development to high-volume production, our tailored inspection solutions cater to diverse product types, ensuring particle and cosmetic inspection, leakage testing, and overall drug integrity. As a trusted global partner, we prioritize understanding your business goals, providing professional project management, and reducing total cost of ownership.

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Automatic Visual Inspection Equipment

Our high-performance automatic inspection machines ensure reliable defect detection in various pharmaceutical products. The versatile visual inspection equipment covers injectables in ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes, and bottles. Tailored to meet rigorous technical standards, our solutions offer varied production speeds and advanced vision capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

High Quality Equipment


Water-like liquids

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A full range of machines for the inspection of cosmetic defects and particles in clear and opaque liquids. Defects and containers integrity are detected with extremely high reliability.


Viscous and oily

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These inspection machines are designed to efficiently detect contaminants and cosmetic defects in your viscous and oily products.


Suspensions and Emulsions

visual inspection suspension

Advanced solutions for the reliable inspection of several drugs, presenting as suspensions and emulsions.



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These inspection machines are designed to efficiently detect contaminants and cosmetic defects in your viscous and oily products.

Key Features

High Performance

Our automatic inspection machines deliver reliable defect detection in pharmaceuticals.


Designed for various injectables, including ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes, and bottles.


Meets demanding technical requirements with advanced vision standards.

Optimized Speeds

Offers different production speeds for efficiency.

Advanced Vision

Incorporates cutting-edge visual inspection technology.


Manufactured for optimum performance, ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical products.

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Semi-automatic &
Manual Visual Inspection Equipment

Our Bench Vision Unit ensures a seamless transition from lab to mass production, offering maximum flexibility with software and component design akin to our global production line equipment. Suitable for ampoules, vials, cartridges, and syringes, it efficiently inspects diverse products, from water-like to viscous suspensions. This smart and user-friendly unit processes images, inspecting cosmetic defects and particles, supports operators in fine-tuning, re-inspects containers rejected by automatic lines, and allows offline setup of inspection parameters for enhanced overall yield and efficiency.

Key Features

Future-Proof Design

The Bench Vision Unit seamlessly transitions from R&D to market phase, ensuring sustained relevance and adaptability throughout the product development lifecycle.

Flexibility and Modularity

With high flexibility and modularity, the unit accommodates diverse inspection needs, providing a versatile solution adaptable to various pharmaceutical products.

User-Friendly Setup

Easy to set up, use, and maintain, the Bench Vision Unit prioritizes user convenience, facilitating efficient operations from setup to routine use.

Consistent Software

Utilizing the same inspection software as SG automatic systems ensures uniformity and compatibility, streamlining processes and enhancing overall system integration.

Adjustable Inspection Parameters

Offering adjustable inspection parameters, the unit allows for fine-tuning to specific requirements, optimizing inspection accuracy and efficiency.

Compact Dimensions

Featuring compact dimensions, the Bench Vision Unit maximizes space efficiency, making it a practical and space-saving solution for diverse laboratory and production environments.

Accredited Equipment Manufacturer

Our Equipment is manufactured to the highest GMP Standards