Opadry Film Coating
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Opadry® Complete Film Coating System

Opadry, a pioneering film coating product from Colorcon, merges polymer, plasticizer, and colorant into a single dry blend. This all-in-one coating system imparts a sleek, aesthetically pleasing finish to various types of tablet cores. The Opadry coatings are readily soluble, making them compatible with both water-based and organic solvent preparations for easy application.

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Film Coating

Opadry® TF

Opadry TF green pills TiO2 Free Formulated Film Coatings scaled

TiO2 Free Formulated Film Coatings

To address recent concerns regarding the use of titanium dioxide (TiO2), Colorcon confirms that a range of alternative formulations using non-synthetic (natural) colorants are available. The Free Film Coatings are available as clear, white or pigmented formulations, providing a superior finish, and delivering efficient and reproducible manufacturing performance.

Film Coating

Opadry® EZ

opadry ez easy swallow film coating system scaled

Easy Swallow Film Coating System

Opadry EZ offers an innovative solution for tablet coating, enhancing swallowability by significantly reducing the likelihood of tablets sticking in the throat or esophagus. This easy-to-swallow film coating system ensures superior slip movement once wet, minimizing friction. Available in clear or pigmented aqueous formulations, Opadry EZ allows for pigment addition to uncoated tablets to promote patient compliance or a clear top-coat on already coated products for an improved consumer experience. All ingredients comply with functional and regulatory requirements, meeting USP-NF, EP, and JP standards.

Film Coating

Opadry® QX

opadry qx quick and flexible film coating scaled

Quick and Flexible Film Coating

Opadry QX, quick and flexible film coating, is setting new productivity, efficiency and appearance standards for coated tablets. The high solids, low viscosity ingredients of Opadry QX allows coating across a broad range of process parameters in any type of coating equipment, greatly reduces preparation and coating times, and delivers a premium quality finish.

Film Coating

Opadry® II

opadry ii high performance film coating system

High Performance Film Coating System

Offering short process times and a superior film finish, the Opadry II product range consists of fully formulated dry blend systems for the aqueous film coating of pharmaceutical and nutritional oral solid dosage forms. Opadry II is a high productivity, water soluble, pH independent complete dry powder film coating system containing polymer, plasticizer and pigment which allows for immediate disintegration for fast, active release.

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