Versatility for Extruded
and Compressed Chewing Gum

Health in Gum Excipient

Explore Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical chewing gum options with Cafosa’s Health in Gum®, a ready-to-use compressible powder. Ideal for standard tablet presses, Pacco is the credited supplier ensuring optimal production conditions for active ingredient-infused chewing gum.

Choose between gum base or powder excipient based on ingredient type, final product sensory profile, and production machinery. Health in Gum®, provided by Pacco, is a homogenous powder containing all gum ingredients, allowing seamless active ingredient integration on standard tablet presses.

Health in Gum Excipient Versatility for Extruded and Compressed Chewing Gum

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Benefits of Health in Gum

Premium Raw Materials Provider

Source with confidence from our selection crafted to meet the highest GMP standards, ensuring quality and integrity in every ingredient.

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