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Pacco, offers drug delivery solutions geared toward pharmaceutical development and support services. Leveraging decades of scientific and regulatory expertise, Pacco accelerates and derisks drug device combination product development, instilling confidence in customers by streamlining processes and expediting market entry.

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squeeze dispenser drug delivery solutions

Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD) Technology Platform

Aptar Pharma’s Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD) is the premier solution for preservative-free eye care. With over 450 global references, it’s the leading multidose system, eliminating preservatives via Tip-Seal technology. Proven microbiological integrity and diverse dispenser, cap, and bottle options cater to varied formulations.


Eliminates preservatives like Benzalkonium Chloride, addressing side effects.

Tip-Seal Technology

Ensures microbiological integrity, passing stringent simulations.

Customizable Options

Dispenser, cap, and bottle choices adapt to specific formulation needs.

Global Acceptance

With 450+ market references, it’s the widely accepted preservative-free technology.

Aptar Airless drug delivery solutions

Airless+ Dermal Drug Delivery Systems

Aptar Pharma’s Airless+ Dermal Drug Delivery Systems lead the dermal industry with airtight solutions for over 50 prescription products globally. Featuring Child-Resistant Senior-Friendly (CRSF) safety, these systems ensure an exceptional user experience with convenient, clean, and precise dispensing. With comprehensive technical and regulatory support, Aptar Pharma is the trusted partner for complex Drug-Device Combination products.

CRSF Safety

Ensures user safety with Child-Resistant Senior-Friendly features.

Precise Dispensing

Delivers semi-solid formulations cleanly and reliably in any orientation.


Minimizes product wastage and supports easy recycling for an eco-friendly approach.

Regulatory Compliance

Meets stringent pharmaceutical regulatory and quality demands, reducing regulatory risks.

drug delivery solutions, preservative free pump for spray system

APF Advanced Preservative Free

The APF Advanced Preservative Free Spray Pumps offer a gold standard for nasal and topical applications, eliminating the need for preservatives with its innovative purely mechanical Tip-Seal technology. The APFPlus extends this preservative-free solution to dermal, oral, and eye care, providing versatile, microbiologically safe, and highly recyclable dispensing systems.

Preservative-Free Excellence

Eliminates the need for preservatives like Benzalkonium Chloride for nasal formulations.

Microbiological Safety

Proven Tip-Seal technology ensures superior microbiological protection.


APFPlus expands applications to nasal, dermal, oral, and eye-care products, supporting a diverse brand portfolio.


APF Futurity™ is the first 100% metal-free, all-plastic multidose nasal spray system, highly recyclable by cyclos-HTP.

drug delivery solutions simplisqueeze


SimpliSqueeze® is an advanced solution for liquid pharmaceuticals, ensuring intuitive, clean, and safe handling. With patented rolling valve technology, it offers precise dosing and hygienic dispensing. Users prefer SimpliSqueeze® for convenient, controlled dosing, making it a superior choice for oral medications.

User Preference

100% consumer preference over traditional formats.

Accurate Dosing

Precise and controllable dosing enhances patient compliance.

Child Resistance

Optional child-resistant closure ensures safety.

Regulatory Compliance

Materials comply with international regulatory standards.

drug delivery solutions simplisqueeze

VP3 Multi-dose Spray Pump

VP3 Multi-dose Spray Pump has set the industry standard for over 40 years, serving as the go-to pump for anti-allergic treatments globally. Compliant with FDA and global regulations, it boasts proven technology, manufacturing excellence, and a range of supporting services, ensuring efficient nasal drug development.

Low Actuation Force

Patient-friendly design, catering to users of all ages.

Fast Priming

Reduces waste and minimizes the risk of misuse.

Ultra-Clean Gaskets

Ensures product integrity with in-house supplied gaskets.

Regulatory Support

Comprehensive services, including Bioequivalence testing and Regulatory guidance, for faster market access.

Certified Sterile Solutions Provider

Rely on our products manufactured to the highest GMP standards, ensuring sterility and safety throughout your operations.

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