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Fully Formulated Aqueous Dietary Supplement Coatings

Nutrafinish® immediate release film coatings cater to nutritional and dietary supplements regulated as foods, providing a straightforward and user-friendly solution. These aqueous film coatings offer a superior tablet finish, ensuring both tablet protection and consumer appeal. Addressing market demands for TiO2-free coatings, Nutrafinish® guarantees efficient, reproducible manufacturing performance and a reliable, sustainably sourced supply chain. As a specialized supplier for the nutritional market, the product line includes innovative offerings, such as core excipients, tablet design support, and custom color matching, with quick sample access for comprehensive customer support.

nutrafinish fully formulated aqueous dietary supplement coatings

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Core Excipients

Film Coating

Cutting-Edge Nutritional Supplement Coatings

Nutrafinish®, dietary supplement coating, is a one-step product combining polymer, plasticizer, pigment, and other additives as required, in a dry powder form. It provides excellent film forming capabilities including sharp logo definition, high tensile strength and good adhesion properties.

High Quality Nutritional Coatings



Titanium Dioxide Free Film

Nutrafinish Titanium Dioxide-Free film coatings cater to nutritional and dietary supplements regulated as foods, offering an alternative finish that aligns with current market concerns. Available in clear, white, or pigmented options, these coatings ensure a superior, consumer-appealing finish. They guarantee efficient, reproducible manufacturing performance and can incorporate natural colorants, meeting the demand for Titanium Dioxide-Free alternatives in film coatings for enhanced aesthetic appeal and compliance with market preferences.



nutrapure certified organic coating

Certified Organic Coating

Nutrapure, the first and only aqueous clear Certified Organic coating developed in response to the dietary and food supplement market demand for more natural coating alternatives. It is the ideal aqueous-based, fully formulated system to improve the appearance and performance of dietary supplements, as well as provide a non-animal derived alternative to shellac-based food glazes



Label Friendly Excipients

Revolutionizing label-friendly formulations with natural materials, ensuring consumer appeal without sacrificing performance. Exceptional powder flow, compressibility, and lubricity simplify the creation of high-quality label-friendly tablets and capsules. Nutracore empowers efficient product development, enabling the rapid introduction of exceptional label-friendly products to the market.

Premium Raw Materials Provider

Source with confidence from our selection crafted to meet the highest GMP standards, ensuring quality and integrity in every ingredient.

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