Roller Compactor
for Dry Granulation

Dry Granulation

TF-208P, a self-contained roll compaction system tailored for dry granulation processes. Expertly supplied by Pacco, this machine, capable of handling up to 200 kg per hour, is well-suited for medium to high production scales. Featuring a vertical hopper and screw design for effective de-aeration before compaction, the system ensures superior processing outcomes. Engineered seals around the compaction zone minimize unwanted fines. Portable and designed with precision, the TF-208P, available through Pacco, stands as an optimal solution for various dry granulation processes.

dry granulation compactor, packaging equipment

Capacity: 200kg/hr (Capacity differs depending on the characteristics of material)

Hopper Volume: 30 Liters

Max Roll Force: 21 Tons

Approx Dimensions: 850mm(L) x 1300mm(W) x 2200mm(H)


Dual Roller Mounting Blocks System

Uniform Roll Forces and Compaction Stainless steel Roller Mounting blocks

Horizontally-arranged Rolls with Vertical Screw Feed System

Gravity Powder Feed assists natural feed for uniform Compaction

Unique Compaction Seal Design

Contained Compaction Zone for Reducing the Amount of Fines

De-aeration Hopper and Screw (Option)

Vertical Hopper and Screw De-Aerates product prior to Compaction

Color Touchscreen Control System

Manual and Auto Mode

Roll and Screw Amp

Roll and Screw Rotation control

Data acquisition through USB port

Portable Self-Contained System

Built-in control panel

Certified Packaging Solutions Provider

Our solutions adhere to the highest standards, ensuring quality and compliance throughout the packaging process.

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