Access Tiles

Dycem Access Tiles Contamination Control Explore CleanZone Data Centre Access Tiles Dycem’s inlaid access tiles provide a targeted solution for facilities requiring segmented flooring. Ideal for data centers and colocations, these tiles shield equipment from particulate contamination, safeguarding against dust, charged particles, and zinc whiskers. Collaborating with top raised flooring system manufacturers, Dycem integrates its […]

ProfilGate Tire Cleaning

Tire, Wheel and Shoe Cleaning Solutions Explore Industrial Strength Tire Cleaning ProfilGate® presents a cutting-edge solution to keep South African manufacturing facilities free from debris brought in by forklift tires, trolleys, and footwear. This patented device efficiently eliminates dust, dirt, and other contaminants without the need for electricity, offering a maintenance-minimal option for improving product […]

Dycem Floating Mats

DycemDecontamination Mats Explore CleanZone Floating Mats Dycem Floating Mats are designed for flexible contamination control, offering an immediate solution without the commitment of permanent installation. These mats provide the same high-quality decontamination properties as our fixed CleanZone mats but with the convenience of portability. They are perfect for use in areas with raised floors, tiles […]

Dycem Workzone

Dycem WorkZoneContamination Control Explore WorkZone Heavy Duty Floor Mats Dycem WorkZone mats are unparalleled when it comes to managing contamination at floor level in zones with substantial wheeled equipment traffic Pharmaceutical Food Hygeine Cosmetic Hospital & Health Care BioMedical Optimal for High-Traffic Industrial Spaces Tailored to intercept and secure pollutants from high-capacity wheels such […]

Dycem Contamination Control

Dycem Contamination Control Explore CleanZone Floor Mats Dycem contamination control solutions with our CleanZone floor mats, designed for stringent cleanliness requirements. These durable, semi-permanent mats provide a robust barrier against up to 99.9% of contaminants from footwear and wheels, supporting up to 1000 lb/in², making them ideal for high-traffic areas in cleanrooms and other sensitive […]