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The Pacco Coater is a flexible and efficient coating system, ideal for both research and large-scale production. It offers precise temperature control and robust construction, ensuring fast, uniform coating and durability across various product types.

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The Pacco Coater system is a comprehensive solution engineered with precision components to ensure optimal performance. It features a Supply Air Handling Unit equipped with primary, secondary, and HEPA filter banks, ensuring the cleanest and most controlled airflow. An Exhaust Air Handling Unit with primary filters seamlessly complements this setup, effectively managing the system’s outflow. Central to the system is the PACCOATER Drum, a robust mechanism designed for efficiency. The system’s operations are seamlessly controlled by a PLC, while a state-of-the-art peristaltic pump ensures consistent fluid movement. To cap it off, the system includes a Coating Solution Vessel, complete with a stirrer, guaranteeing a homogeneous mix for your coating needs.

Technical Specification

Stainless steel film coater

Accurate IR temperature regulation

PLC-integrated controls

Suitable for various batch sizes

Accredited Equipment Manufacturer

Our Equipment is manufactured to the highest GMP Standards