Ez-Fill Pre-Sterilized Vials,
Cartridges & Syringes

EZ-fill® Platform

A pre-sterilized, integrated containment system designed for aseptic manufacturing.

Many pharmaceutical companies aim to reduce their environmental impact and overall costs by partnering with expert external providers for non-essential activities. For containment solutions in biopharmaceuticals, the EZ-fill® system is unparalleled, offering proven benefits that have made its technology a standard in the industry.

ez fill platform scaled


As the industry shifts from a traditional, top-down model towards a more flexible approach, pharmaceutical companies are seeking ways to increase speed-to-market and accommodate small or large batch production.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

EZ-fill® is the only pre-sterilized customizable solution in the market. It is available in nest-and-tub or tray configurations.

Reduced time-to-market

An easy, flexible and streamlined production process means pharmaceutical and biotech companies can immediately fill our EZ-fill® pre-sterilized vials containment solution, as well as cartridges and syringes systems, consistently shortening time to market.

Increased quality and patient safety

Patient safety is at the heart of container design and engineering. By separating all containers in the secondary packaging, EZ-fill® ensures maximum integrity of the pre-sterilized containers during transportation and in buffering/in-feeding operations, while minimizing glass-to-glass contact.

Certified Sterile Solutions Provider

Rely on our products manufactured to the highest GMP standards, ensuring sterility and safety throughout your operations.

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