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The PACCO Mill is a high-energy, versatile machine, extensively used in the pharmaceutical sector. It works on high-velocity impact principles, delivering a broad range of particle sizes from various feedstocks. Notable for its easy setup and clean-up, it can handle both wet and dry granulations effectively.

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The PACCO Mill stands as a beacon of versatility across various industries. In pharmaceuticals, it excels in producing diverse particle sizes essential for drug development and tablet creation. The food and beverage sector benefits from its ability to handle both wet and dry granulations, ideal for refining grains and spices. It aids the chemical industry in consistent compound refinement, while cosmetics and personal care sectors rely on it for achieving perfect product consistency.

Agriculture values it for grain processing, and research labs for achieving precise granulations. In metallurgy, ceramics, paints, and construction, its contribution is undeniable, helping in refining ores, grinding ceramic materials, achieving paint consistency, and customising construction materials. The PACCO Mill’s ease of setup, efficient cleanup, and adaptability make it a cherished asset in any production setting.

Technical Specification

Stainless steel V-shaped blender

Rotable Drum

3CR12 Stainless Steel, cladded with 304

PLC control with HMI touch screen

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Our Equipment is manufactured to the highest GMP Standards