Health in Gum

Versatility for Extruded and Compressed Chewing Gum Explore Health in Gum Excipient Explore Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical chewing gum options with Cafosa’s Health in Gum®, a ready-to-use compressible powder. Ideal for standard tablet presses, Pacco is the credited supplier ensuring optimal production conditions for active ingredient-infused chewing gum. Choose between gum base or powder excipient based […]

Polymers and Controlled Release

Polymers & Controlled Release Explore Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets are prevalent in over 75% of controlled release products, and offer versatile applications across therapeutic categories. Widely accepted and manufacturable with conventional processes, these systems enable precise control of drug release for diverse solubilities. Various polymers fine-tune drug release, facilitating sustained release technologies that encapsulate and control […]


Dietary & Food Supplements Explore Nutrafinish® Fully Formulated Aqueous Dietary Supplement Coatings Nutrafinish® immediate release film coatings cater to nutritional and dietary supplements regulated as foods, providing a straightforward and user-friendly solution. These aqueous film coatings offer a superior tablet finish, ensuring both tablet protection and consumer appeal. Addressing market demands for TiO2-free coatings, Nutrafinish® […]

Core excipients – Starch 1500

Pregelatinised Starch In Tablets Explore Starch 1500® Partially Pregelatinized Maize Starch. Starch 1500, crafted solely for the pharmaceutical and nutritional sectors worldwide, is a distinguished excipient known for its reliability and multifunctionality. It excels in stabilizing drugs and actives that are susceptible to moisture, ensuring uniform distribution even in low doses, and adhering to regulatory […]

Film Coating Opadry

Opadry Film Coating Of Tablets Explore Opadry® Complete Film Coating System Opadry, a pioneering film coating product from Colorcon, merges polymer, plasticizer, and colorant into a single dry blend. This all-in-one coating system imparts a sleek, aesthetically pleasing finish to various types of tablet cores. The Opadry coatings are readily soluble, making them compatible with […]