Dara – coolvacuums

Freeze Drying Equipment Explore Dara Coolvacuums Dara Coolvacuums is a leading provider of freeze-drying equipment catering to a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, nutritional, cosmetic, laboratory, and research and development sectors. Through a strategic collaboration with Dara Pharma, our company leverages a wealth of expertise and extensive knowledge in the field of freeze-drying […]

Dara – Filling Lines

Automation and Packaging Solutions Explore Dara Filling Lines Machinery for Automated Filling and Closure of Vials, Bottles, Cartridges, and Syringes in Glass or Plastic. Our Solutions Span Liquid, Semi-Solid, and Powder Products, Operating Seamlessly in Sterile Areas and Clean Rooms. The technology enables customized configurations to meet your specific requirements, all delivered with unparalleled cost-effectiveness […]