Powder Transfer
Dust Extraction System

De-dusting tools

Discover advanced contamination control solutions with our Dycem CleanZone mats, designed for stringent cleanliness requirements. These durable, semi-permanent mats provide a robust barrier against up to 99.9% of contaminants from footwear and wheels, supporting up to 1000 lb/in², making them ideal for high-traffic areas in cleanrooms and other sensitive environments.

tablet press accessories de-duster metal detector
tablet press accessories metal detector


Metal Detector


Ferrous: ø0.3mm

Non Ferrous: ø0.4mm

Stainless Steel: ø0.5mm

tablet press accessories, de-duster unit

PEDDU Standard

De-duster Unit

Dimensions (mm)

Intlet Height: 720 to 1070

Outlet Height: 805 to 1155

De-dusting Path (mm)


Tablet Diameter

Min ø 4mm,

Max ø 25mm



tablet press accessories dust collector, tableting tools

PEDU 100, 200, 400

Dust Collector

Air Flow

120 – 240 – 330 m3/hr

Operating Vacuum

150 – 220 – 360 mbar

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