Tire, Wheel
and Shoe Cleaning Solutions

Industrial Strength Tire Cleaning

ProfilGate® presents a cutting-edge solution to keep South African manufacturing facilities free from debris brought in by forklift tires, trolleys, and footwear. This patented device efficiently eliminates dust, dirt, and other contaminants without the need for electricity, offering a maintenance-minimal option for improving product quality.

With a mechanical brush system triggered by weight, ProfilGate® ensures up to 90% of dirt is captured as vehicles and personnel pass over it, simplifying the disposal of collected dirt with its stainless steel trays. Adopted by FMCG companies globally, the system has proven to cut down cleaning costs and mitigate cross-contamination, directly enhancing product integrity and workplace safety.

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B Series

Industrial-Strength Tire Cleaning

The ProfilGate® b Series models are optimally designed for entryways coming from external areas. Their high capacity for trapping dirt and broad-mesh grates make them particularly effective at cleansing broad tires, rollers, and wheels that bear heavy axle loads and have substantial load-bearing capabilities. Incorporating ProfilGate® into loading docks and freight elevators is a space-efficient and effective method for cleanliness maintenance.

Narrow Roller Cleaning Specialization

ST Series

Narrow Roller Cleaning Specialization

ProfilGate® grates feature a fine-mesh design that makes them exceptionally well-suited for indoor transport vehicles like tugger trains, carts, trolleys, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The smooth, even surface of the grates ensures easy operation, even with narrow, hard rollers. Their integration into loading areas and elevators provides an efficient and space-conserving cleaning solution.

large wheel clean driving zone

AQUA Series

Efficient Wet Cleaning & Disinfection for Large Wheels

The i-aqua series offers a hygienic solution for washing and disinfecting tires, wheels, and shoe soles. Constructed with rust-resistant stainless steel, these units are perfect for the stringent cleanliness demands of the food industry and other hygiene-sensitive areas.

These systems are equipped with supply tanks and drains for cleaning solutions, ensuring that wheels and soles are sanitized effectively through the bristle’s capillary action, aiding in germ control and hygiene maintenance.

For convenience, a dosing station is available to replenish the disinfectant solution automatically, maintaining consistent cleaning effectiveness and saving time.

The ProfilGate® aqua spray variant extends this cleaning to the undersides of boxes, pallets, and transport vehicles, a necessity for maintaining hygiene in sensitive zones. It’s a complete, process-safe cleaning solution that’s incorporated into the transportation path for customization.

The durable stainless steel grates are specially designed to handle the traffic of heavy-duty transport equipment with broad wheels, including pallet jacks.

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