Tablet Press Machines
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Mastering the Art of Tablet Compression

What is a Tablet Press Machine?

A tablet press machine, often referred to as a pill press machine in South Africa, is an essential device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight. These machines play a pivotal role in tablet compression, transforming vast volumes of powder formulations into consumable tablets.

parle elizabeth tablet compression machine
parle elizabeth tablet press machine compression

How Does a Tablet Press Work?

The tablet compression machine fills a specific die with the right volume of powder. This powder is then compressed into a tablet, and subsequently, the finished product is ejected. The precision of the machine ensures that each tablet undergoes a consistent tablet compression process, resulting in uniformity in size, weight, and density.

Industry Applications:

Ideal for those seeking a tablet press machine for sale in South Africa, our offerings are tailored for various industries. Be it R&D plants, Pilot scale production, Pharmacy colleges, or even producing high-value low-volume products, our tablet press machines cater to diverse needs. Furthermore, understanding the tablet compression methods and the tablet compression process ensures optimal results.

Tablet Press Range

EP Series

ECO Series

Elizabeth Hata

tablet press elizabeth hata

A Pioneer in Multilayer & Core Tablet Technology

Tablet Compression machines capable of creating Single-Layer, Bi-Layer, Tri-Layer, Core-layer, In-layer, Core, and Exposed Core Tablets.

Hata CVX Swap-Out Turret Tablet Press:

Key Features of the CVX Series Include:

  • Rapid transition between products
  • Cleanable design with hand wash capability
  • Simplified parts removal for convenience
  • Clear view of the compression area
  • Mobile and user-friendly control kiosk
  • Functions at speeds up to 100 RPM.

Precision Tablet Tooling Supplier

Elevate your tablet production with our tools crafted to the highest GMP standards, ensuring excellence in every press.

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