Tube Filling & Sealing

Aluminum Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

The Aluminum Tube Filling & Sealing Machine offers efficient and precise filling, sealing, and packaging solutions. Ideal for various industries, it ensures reliability, accuracy, and high-speed production with minimal downtime.

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Aluminium Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

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The PK 30 AL – SH and 30 AL – DH models are economical aluminum tube filling and sealing machines, known for their ergonomic design and user-friendly operation. These fixed-speed, semi-automatic fillers are ideal for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and food products and are among our most sought-after machines. With the capability to efficiently handle 35 and 70 aluminum tubes per minute, they balance productivity and ease of maintenance for operators.

Output Speed

35 /2100 & 70 /4200 Min p/h

Fill Volume

3 gms to 150 gms / 3 gms to 100 gms

Tube Diameter

12 mm to 35 mm / 10 mm to 22 mm


Semi automatic


Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

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The PK 30 PL / Combo is a tube filling and sealing machine with a fixed speed, capable of handling 45 tubes per minute. It’s adept at processing Plastic, Plastic laminate, and Aluminum laminate tubes up to 50mm in diameter and filling them with up to 250 ml of product. This machine requires manual tube loading but automates the filling, sealing, coding in the seal area, and trimming processes, culminating in the automatic discharge of the finished tubes.

Output Speed

45 / 2700 Min p/h

Fill Volume

3 gms to 250 gms

Tube Diameter

10 mm to 50 mm


Semi Automatic

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