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CleanZone Data Centre Access Tiles

Dycem’s inlaid access tiles provide a targeted solution for facilities requiring segmented flooring. Ideal for data centers and colocations, these tiles shield equipment from particulate contamination, safeguarding against dust, charged particles, and zinc whiskers. Collaborating with top raised flooring system manufacturers, Dycem integrates its material into custom tiles, tailoring the footprint to each facility’s specific needs.

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dycem access tiles for contamination control
access tiles, contamination protection

Customized Contamination Protection

Partnering with industry leaders, Dycem enhances raised access flooring by pre-applying its material to custom tiles. This proactive approach shields equipment in data centers and colocations, preventing the adverse effects of particulate contamination. With a customizable footprint, Dycem’s inlaid access tiles ensure a tailored, effective solution for facilities requiring segmented flooring in the ever-critical realm of data management.



Decreased Downtime

Experience fewer disruptions due to particulate contamination, addressing issues like dust accumulation, increased energy consumption, hardware malfunctions, and potential fire hazards. Enhance operational resilience with proactive measures against these risks.

Static Protection

Access Tiles provide an ESD-safe environment by effectively dissipating static electricity, boasting a surface resistivity of 10^8 ohms. Prioritize ESD protection in your space for enhanced safety and equipment longevity.

Particulate Reduction

Leverage the natural tack and high-surface energy of our flooring solution to capture and retain an impressive 99.9% of floor-level particulates, along with up to 75% of airborne particulates. Enhance your facility’s cleanliness and indoor air quality with our advanced flooring technology.


Opt for sustainability with Dycem, offering a lifespan of over 3 years and minimizing the reliance on single-use disposable plastics. Make an eco-conscious choice for lasting environmental impact.

Easy to Clean

Experience the convenience of easy-to-clean Dycem access tiles, maintaining effectiveness even in challenging conditions. With minimal upkeep, ensure a consistently dry environment for optimal performance.

Compatible and Compliant

Dycem material seamlessly aligns with international standards, meeting stringent ISO and ASHRAE regulations for uncompromised quality and reliability.

access tiles, customisation colours for contamination protection control

Access Tile Customization

Explore a spectrum of Access Tile customization possibilities, offering a visual cue to either accentuate or conceal retained contaminants as per facility protocols. Our color options provide flexibility for seamless integration into diverse environments.

Trusted Contamination Control Partner

Safeguard your operations with our equipment, meticulously crafted to the highest GMP standards, ensuring uncompromising contamination control.

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