Polymers &
Controlled Release

Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets

are prevalent in over 75% of controlled release products, and offer versatile applications across therapeutic categories.

Widely accepted and manufacturable with conventional processes, these systems enable precise control of drug release for diverse solubilities. Various polymers fine-tune drug release, facilitating sustained release technologies that encapsulate and control active compounds, simplifying tablet and capsule production with consistent release rates.

pharmaceutical pollymers and controlled release green tablets

Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets


Premium CR Cellulose Ethers

METHOCEL™, a first choice for the formulation of hydrophilic matrix systems, provides a robust mechanism for the extended/controlled release of drugs from oral solid dosage forms. With a choice of viscosity grades METHOCEL™ premium cellulose ethers provide a simple solution to meet a range of drug solubility needs. Tablets are easily manufactured with existing, conventional equipment and processing methods.

pollymers and. controlled release tablets

Sustained Release


Premium Ethylcellulose Polymers

ETHOCEL™, a water-insoluble polymer approved globally for pharmaceutical applications, excels in extended-release solid dosage formulations. Its versatility is showcased in various pharmaceutical applications, including multiparticulate coating, taste-masking, and extended-release binding. Offering formulation flexibility, ETHOCEL™ has a proven track record spanning over 50 years, with a stellar safety record and compliance with global compendial standards. Additionally, it is approved for dietary supplement use in Europe and the USA.

Premium Raw Materials Provider

Source with confidence from our selection crafted to meet the highest GMP standards, ensuring quality and integrity in every ingredient.

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