Pregelatinised Starch In

Starch 1500®

Partially Pregelatinized Maize Starch.

Starch 1500, crafted solely for the pharmaceutical and nutritional sectors worldwide, is a distinguished excipient known for its reliability and multifunctionality. It excels in stabilizing drugs and actives that are susceptible to moisture, ensuring uniform distribution even in low doses, and adhering to regulatory requirements. Beyond its versatility across numerous applications, Starch 1500 offers economic advantages by potentially diminishing or even removing the need for additional binders, superdisintegrants, and excessive quantities of lubricants and glidants, thereby streamlining both process and material expenses.

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Film Coating



High Quality Tablets for Film Coating

Starch 1500 stands out for ensuring robust tablet integrity with low friability, making it suitable for film coating and packaging processes. Catering to global regulatory demands, the Starch 1500 line features variants such as Starch 1500 LM, which is a low moisture formulation containing less than 7% moisture and aligns with PhEur and USP/NF standards for pregelatinized starch. Another option, Starch 1500 G, complies with PhEur, USP/NF, and JPE specifications for partly pregelatinized starch, demonstrating its adaptability and compliance in various pharmaceutical contexts.

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Core Excipients

Star Tab®

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Directly Compressible Starch

StarTab® is designed for pharmaceutical formulations, streamlining the manufacturing process. Engineered for direct compression, it offers superior compressibility and flow, reducing the need for additional excipients and eliminating the use of superdisintegrants. Its exceptional performance at high tableting speeds makes it an efficient choice. Manufactured in dedicated GMP facilities, StarTab meets regulatory standards as a specialty excipient, ensuring pharmaceutical quality and reliability.

Core Excipients

Star Cap®

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Superior Flow Maize Starch

StarCap® is a partially pregelatinized starch tailored for pharmaceutical capsule formulations, boasting optimized particle morphology for superior flow and minimal adhesion during capsule filling. This specialty excipient serves dual purposes as a diluent and disintegrant, ensuring efficient operations and aiding in the long-term stability of reactive drugs. Manufactured in dedicated GMP facilities, StarCap meets global regulatory standards, providing pharmaceuticals with dependable stability and exceptional flow for optimal capsule filling performance.

Core Excipients


suglets sugar spheres

Sugar Spheres

SUGLETS® stand out as a top choice for multiparticulate drug delivery systems, crucial for enhancing clinical effectiveness. Comprising sucrose and starch, these uniform drug layering pellets serve as an excellent substrate for drug loading in sustained or extended release dosage forms. With attributes like low friability, consistent sphericity, precise particle size control, and high batch-to-batch uniformity, SUGLETS® offer pharmaceutical companies a reliable solution for achieving all-around consistency and robustness in drug layering applications.

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