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High-Speed Mixer

The PACCO High-Speed Mixer offers rapid, homogeneous mixing of components through its centrally mounted impeller and side-mounted chopper, ensuring efficient deagglomeration. Its vertical, conical design, multiple lid openings, dual impellers, and control panel provide flexibility and functionality for various mixing needs.

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Food & Beverage





Product Options

Vertcal or Horizonal

Additional Info

A vertical mixer is specifically designed to ensure a thorough and consistent blend of ingredients, using a vertical configuration that optimizes flow and mixing precision. The high-speed mixer method, characteristic of this type of mixer, employs rapid rotation speeds to achieve quick and homogeneous mixing of components, resulting in reduced processing times and heightened efficiency. The advantages of a high-speed mixer include rapid mixing cycles, consistency in product quality, and adaptability to a range of materials. Typically, a vertical mixer comes equipped with three main attachments: a central impeller, a side-mounted chopper, and a control panel, each catering to different aspects of the mixing process. When compared to a reel mixer, a vertical mixer boasts enhanced mixing precision and can handle a broader variety of materials. On the other hand, the primary difference between a vertical and a horizontal mixer lies in their orientation and flow dynamics, with the former emphasizing upward and downward flow, and the latter focusing on side-to-side movement.

Technical Specification

Central three-blade impeller and side chopper

Ideal for fast mixing, granulation, deagglomeration

Controllable speeds and discharge

Vertical or horizontal options

Accredited Equipment Manufacturer

Our Equipment is manufactured to the highest GMP Standards