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Lifting Columns

PACCO Lifting Columns provide robust and versatile material handling solutions, offering ergonomic operation for drums, containers, and IBCs. They can be integrated with various holding systems, suitable for diverse machinery including tablet presses, blister packing machines, and sizing units, ensuring cost-effective and safe usage.

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Food & Beverage




lifting columns telescopic pillars

Additional Info

Lifting columns, often known as telescopic pillars, represent the cutting-edge solution for efficient lifting mechanisms in industrial machinery. Crafted for robust performance, these industrial lifting columns not only boast power but also operate with a quiet efficiency, making them ideal for diverse environments. Their sleek design doesn’t just ensure aesthetic appeal but is also tailored to meet rigorous industry standards. For businesses searching for a perfect balance of form and function in lifting solutions, telescopic pillars stand out, offering unmatched performance and design in one comprehensive package.

Technical Specification

Robust stainless steel frame

Motor-driven lifting up to 1000kg and 3 meters

Versatile holding system

Ideal for feeding various pharmaceutical machines.

Accredited Equipment Manufacturer

Our Equipment is manufactured to the highest GMP Standards