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Machinery for Automated Filling and Closure of Vials, Bottles, Cartridges, and Syringes in Glass or Plastic. Our Solutions Span Liquid, Semi-Solid, and Powder Products, Operating Seamlessly in Sterile Areas and Clean Rooms. The technology enables customized configurations to meet your specific requirements, all delivered with unparalleled cost-effectiveness and swift turnaround times.

dara automatic processing and packaging machinery for pharmaceutical biotech and cosmetics


Tabletop Peristaltic Pump, meticulously designed to meet the highest standards in fluid handling. With a commitment to quality and precision, this pump ensures a sterile environment with no risk of cross-contamination. Capable of accommodating filling volumes ranging from 0.1 to 1,050 ml, and achieving an impressive flow rate of up to 6.4 liters per minute, our peristaltic pump stands at the forefront of accurate dosing technology, maintaining dosing accuracy within ±0.5%.

Designed for efficiency, the product changeover process is streamlined, taking only 1 minute to transition between different substances. The inclusion of a drip-free function adds an extra layer of reliability to your operations. Automatic recalibration enhances the pump’s performance, ensuring consistent and precise dosing over time. Additionally, the built-in audit trail feature provides a comprehensive record of operations for quality assurance and compliance.


SX-65, a compact tabletop machine designed for the automatic filling and closing of syringes. This state-of-the-art device offers a space-efficient solution for your operational needs, providing seamless automation in the syringe processing workflow. The SX-65 excels in versatility, accommodating filling volumes ranging from 0.1 to 100 ml, and offers plunger insertion options through both compression and vacuum methods.

With an impressive output capacity of up to 1000 units per hour, the SX-65 ensures a high level of productivity while maintaining precision in every syringe. Compliant with cGMP standards and approved by the US FDA, this machine guarantees adherence to the highest industry regulatory requirements, prioritizing the safety and quality of your pharmaceutical production processes. Invest in the SX-65 for a reliable, efficient, and compliant solution that enhances your syringe filling and closing operations.


SX-140-C, a tabletop machine engineered for the automatic closing of vials, combining efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a compact design. This machine stands out for its adaptability, offering an isolator execution with H2O2 resistance, ensuring a sterile and durable solution for your vial closing processes. The SX-140-C boasts an impressive changeover time of just 2 minutes, allowing for swift transitions between different operations.

With a maximum output capacity of up to 1,500 ml, this machine delivers reliable performance without compromising precision. Its compliance with cGMP standards and approval by the US FDA underscore its commitment to meeting stringent regulatory requirements, providing assurance of quality and safety in vial closing procedures. Choose the SX-140-C for a tabletop solution that prioritizes efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to industry standards, elevating your vial closing operations to new levels of productivity

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