Piab Vacuum Conveying

Vacuum Conveying: Boosting Efficiency

PA Cuthbert is the authorized distributor for Piab Vacuum Conveying systems across Southern, Central, and East Africa, delivering dust-free material handling solutions designed to enhance your operational efficiency.

Piab’s Vacuum Conveyors expertly move dry powders and granules from one location to another via a sealed pneumatic transport system, ensuring the integrity of materials in transit. Constructed from premium quality components, these conveyors stand for reliability and durability.

Piab Conveyors Ensuring Safety Efficiency in Production 1

Piab Conveyors: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Production

When it comes to the manufacturing of food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, Piab’s conveyors meet the strictest standards for health and operational safety. Developed with meticulous attention to regulatory compliance, these systems are designed to safeguard both product and process.

Certifications such as ATEX Powder for general models, and ATEX Gas for the piFLOW p and piFLOW®t series, demonstrate our commitment to safety in potentially explosive atmospheres. Piab offers flexibility with both ejector-driven and mechanical pump options to cater to a variety of industry needs.

At PA Cuthbert, our mission is to equip our clients with cutting-edge conveying solutions that are set to elevate their production capabilities.



Premium – PIFLOW®P

pacco vacuum conveying hero image

The piFLOW®model p vacuum conveyor is ideal for food and pharmaceutical industries that require premium technology, for example. With its advantages such as high performance and small footprint, it offers the most suitable and logical solution to the needs. It has a high capacity and a wide volume range from 2 liters to 56 liters.


Tablet – PIFLOW®T
Piflow Tablet

It is a vacuum conveyor that requires premium technology, especially used to transport tablets or fragile products in the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. It also makes sense to use it when there is a demand for a vacuum conveyor that will operate with high throughput performance with a small footprint.


Piflow Food tablet

piFLOW®f vacuum conveyor, ideal for the food industry, ensures a safer, dust-free environment. With models accommodating various batch volumes, it conveys diverse materials, maintaining FDA compliance and automation options for efficiency and safety.


Industrial – PIFLOW®I

Piflow Industrial tablet

piFLOW®i is widely preferred in general industry and sometimes in the chemical sector. Its high performance and small footprint are its important advantages. Its capacity can be up to 4 tons per hour. All vacuum conveyors are powered either by an ejector driven vacuum pump or by a mechanical pump.

Vacuum Conveying



Accessorize your vacuum conveyor to boost efficiency and protect materials with tailored filters, airtight hoses, and precise valves. Custom feed stations and output receivers streamline processing, and selecting an appropriate vacuum pump, either ejector-driven or mechanical, enhances material handling.

Vacuum Conveying

Spare Parts

Spare parts

Piab vacuum conveyors are designed for low maintenance and high reliability. To keep them running at peak efficiency, certain spare parts like seals and filters may need routine replacement, ensuring system integrity and uninterrupted performance.

Efficient Vacuum Conveying Partner

Elevate your processes with our solutions crafted to the highest standards, optimizing efficiency in every step of the way.

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