Available as Film coating or combination Film / Sugar coating models.

The PACCOATER is designed to deliver fast, flexible and consistent coating performance across a wide variety of products. Suited to R&D and large scale production, the PACCOATER features a side vented pan, with plough shear baffles.

The PACCOATER system consists of the following main components:
Supply Air Handling Unit (with primary, secondary and HEPA filter banks)
Exhaust Air Handling Unit (with primary filters)
Peristaltic Pump
Coating Solution Vessel with Stirrer

The PACCOATER is constructed from 3CR12-, 304 and 316 stainless steel and has a perforated pan, which is chain driven by a 3-phase motor, with speed control integrated into the PLC operation.

Temperature control is by way of the PLC integrated non-contact IR thermometer, which measures the tablet bed temperature and adjusts the inlet temperature accordingly. Located in the supply air duct and exhaust air duct close to the perforated pan are two temperature probes that are also connected to the PLC to supply Inlet and Exhaust temperature data. Digital thermometers can also be mounted on the front of the PACCOATER to give independent display of the supply and exhaust air temperatures. The supply air is heated via a single pass steam heat exchanger.