PACCO Vertical Hi Speed Mixer

This is a high speed mixer-granulator with a centrally mounted impeller at the bottom of the mixer that rotates at high speed mixing components quickly owing to the high shear forces and the expansion of the bed that allows diffusive mixing. There is also a side-mounted chopper for in situ wet granulation, its main purpose is to delump / deagglomerate dry powders and larger wet masses.

The unit consists of a mixing vessel (a.k.a. container or bowl) that is mounted in a vertical position. The vessel bottom is flat and the walls are conical. There is an opening in the wall for product discharge.

The mixing bowl has a hinged and counterweighted lid to aid in its raising and lowering. There are multiple openings on the lid:
Inspection / view port
Dust / vent port
Liquid charge port

The unit has two mixing impellers. The main mixing impeller is centrally mounted at the bottom of the mixing bowl and has three blades. It is belt driven and is capable of rotating at a slow and fast speed. The main impeller is also removable for cleaning purposes.

The second impeller is a chopper unit which is side mounted on the mixing bowl. It is also possible of rotating at a slow and fast speed. The chopper is driven by a separate dedicated motor. The chopper blades are also removable for cleaning. Powders or wet granules are removed from the mixing bowl via the discharge outlet. A pneumatically actuated piston opens and closes the discharge port in the wall of the mixing bowl.

The unit can be controlled through either push button control or integrated PLC. The control panel can be used to control various operations / functions i.e. setting impeller speeds, setting of mixing timer, opening of the discharge valve etc.