PACCO Ribbon Blender

The unit consists of a helical blade / paddle that is mounted in such a manner as to allow rotation about an axis. The hemispherical trough has a flush valve at the bottom and a lid and safety grid at the top. There is an air purge operational at either end of the shaft of the blade/paddle to ensure that no powder can enter next to the shaft. The inspection port in the lid allows for inspection of the inside of the Ribbon Blender. Loading of the material / ingredients are accomplished with the lid raised and the safety bar kept in position. Powders or granules are removed from the Ribbon Blender via the outlet / discharge flush valve.

The Ribbon Blender is controlled with a push button interface. Safety precautions include a safety grid with an open/close sensor as well as an open / close sensor mounted in the lid of the Ribbon Blender.

This is an agitator mixer, fitted with a blade / paddle that is rotating about a central axis, when operated at the correct speed and working volume the helical blades move through a hemispherical trough. This results in a shearing action occurring between blade and powder resulting in convection mixing. The shearing action of this mixer may not be sufficient to break up lumps or aggregates, and dead spots may also be difficult to eliminate.

The mixer does however excel in mixing poorly flowing materials and segregation is less likely to occur than in a tumbler mixer. Working volumes will typically occupy 35% to 65% of the total “trough” volume.

The frame is constructed from 304 Stainless Steel. The hemispherical trough, the blades/paddles, the safety grid, the valve and the lid is 316 Stainless Steel. Product contact surfaces have a smooth finishing. Frame cladding can be supplied with a satin finish.

Ribbon Blender