PACCO Horizontal Granulator

This is a granulator with a centrally mounted blade that sits above a size 12 and 16 stainless steel plain mesh. The blade rotates at variable speed and applies mechanical stress on the material to be crushed resulting in sizing or particle size reduction of materials. The faster the speed of the granulator, the more energy is utilized and a high percentage of fines is generated.

Sizing or comminution on the PACCO horizontal granulator is dependent on mechanical shear forces during milling and the final strength of the granule depends on the excipients, granulating agent and equipment used for granulation.

The horizontal granulator is typically used to size granules in an attempt to improve powder flow characteristics.

This allow for:
Uniform mixing of ingredients if the powders are of the same size and distribution
Improved dispersion of colours and active ingredients in the granulation
Improved flow properties of powders thus reducing tablet weight variation and improving uniformity of content

Frame in 304 stainless steel
4 rotating blades
Size 12 and 16 stainless steel mesh
Controlled via push-button panel
Capacity up to 300kg/hour