PACCO Fluid Bed Dryer

The PACCO Fluid Bed Dryer is designed to cool and dry granulated material by fluidisation in the presence of hot air flowing in an enclosed chamber. The volume of air is sufficient to lift the granules in the chamber for complete drying of each particle.

An exhaust duct is fitted to the fluidisation chamber to remove air from the system to maintain negative pressure necessary for the fluidisation process. The fluid bed dryer has an explosion hatch that withstands pressure shock resulting from an explosion within limits of the pressure shock resistance.

Air is drawn through a fan from outside, and passed through a pre, secondary and HEPPA filter. The air is heated and flows upwards through the material inside the product container and absorbs the moisture from the product in minimum time.

The fluidisation chamber houses filter bags or cartridges in contact with the product to remove fine particles caught in the flow of air which subsequently falls back into the container by operating the shaking devise.