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Capture the dirt before it migrates from wheels and shoes and enter the production area.
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6 Good reasons for Profilgate.

  • Technical Cleanliness
  • Improved Hygiene
  • Improved Health and safety for your employees
  • Less customer complaints
  • Less cleaning cost
  • Reduced refurbishing cost

Total Cleaning Solution               

South Africa’s manufacturing environment has a new solution to dirt and foreign objects generated by forklift tires, trolleys and boots.  The patented cleaning device – ProfilGate®

Those companies who are trying to improve the quality of their products need to eliminate all potential negative influences.  This includes but is not limited to the dirt, dust and debris transported into the facility daily.  When it comes to avoiding dirt to be transported into facilities via the tires of forklifts and other material handling devices as well as the soles of employee’s work shoe’s, ProfilGate® offers the perfect solution. 

ProfilGate® is a cleaning system that requires no electricity and minimal maintenance.  Tires and shoes are cleaned mechanically by walking or driving over the ProfilGate® panels.  The brush system is activated by the weight of the object as it travels across the metal grid.  Up to 90% of transported dirt and dust will be removed.  Contaminants are then collected centrally in the stainless steel capture trays and can be disposed of easily.

FMCG companies worldwide using the system have found dramatic reductions in cleaning- and maintenance costs and cross contamination of products and materials.  This enhanced product quality and improved safety conditions at the work place.

The science of ProfilGate® lies in the brushes.  These have been optimized to ensure the best possible cleaning performance.  Utilizing optimal hardness, angle and height.  The patented inclination of the Nylon®-brushes assure the best possible cleaning effect, by abrasing the dirt mechanically, as soon as a weight is applied.  The irregular long bristle-ends scratch deeply into the profiles and clean them reliably. 

Suitable locations for use include production areas, processing areas, change rooms, warehouses and other high-risk areas.  Vehicles and people pass this device without any loss of time.   The system can be installed on or into the ground and is certified for weights of up to 40 tons.

There are solutions available for any area.  ProfilGate® offers a lifetime warranty on the trays and grates.  The system is also available in a wet version where it not only cleans tires and shoes but sanitizes them as well.