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PA Cuthbert & Co

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PA Cuthbert boasts an extensive portfolio of processing and packaging equipment to suit your preference and budget. This is cemented by long-term partnerships with the leading suppliers of process and packaging equipment in Europe, the UK, USA and Asia. Our expertise in manufacturing means we help you make the right equipment choices.

Moreover, it boasts a fully fledged stainless steel fabrication facility supplying purpose built processing equipment for any manufacturing industry. The design and engineering team will seamlessly integrate your unique specifications and design to time and budget.

The company’s technical expertise is highly sort after in the industry and being local means an instantaneous response to breakdowns and technical glitches. Down time is cut to a minimum.

Our expertise and skills in fabricating stainless steel is not limited to the processing industry and is seamlessly transferred for the manufacture of kit for other industries.

Value & Quality

Our design and turnkey solutions are robust and meet the highest quality standards. Our equipment is manufactured to the highest GMP standards in Stainless Steel and customised to suit your specific requirements. We employ a team of highly motivated, experienced project-based design engineers to ensure our customers’ specifications are comprehensively met to time and to budget.

Our Philosophy

The Product of Experience. Our equipment is the result of over 70 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry and a comprehensive understanding of the technology which supports it. We work closely with our valued customers and form long term partnerships. Our customers include international brand owners and our reputation is based on meeting our customers’ needs to international standards whilst being cost-effective and local.

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