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Seidenader ZTI TGM Termo Scientific Parle Elizabeth

Accutek manufactures filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, bottling equipment, and complete turnkey packaging systems.

Other packaging equipment manufactured by Accutek includes: bottle unscramblers, bottle rinsers, liquid fillers, cappers, labelers, sleeving machines, sealing machines, conveyors, turntables, heat tunnels, sleevers, coders and support packaging machinery

Amebis stability testing and monitoring systems (STAMS) for tablets and capsules.

Horizontal flow wrappers and feeding equipment. Campbell Wrapper Corporation (formerly FMC Packaging Systems Division and Sasib Packaging)


Test equipment: Hardness, in-process-control testing, disintegration, friability.

Spray Guns for film coating.

Campbell Wrapper Corporation Accutek Packaging Amebis Innovative Stability Testing Solutions Carver Inc. Colorcon Charles Ischi AG Coating Systems Int Dycem

Film and sugar coating systems for tablets.

Polymeric contamination control floor solutions for critical environments

D.D Enterprise Corporation Franz Ziel Frewitt Glenvale Packaging

Process equipment, packaging equipment, capsule fillers, blister machines, tablet counters.

Isolator technology, Laminar Airflow Systems, RABS.

Milling & handling of powders.  

Liquid Filling machines.

Groninger offers a broad, flexible range of compact systems and single machines for processing parenteral materials in the following areas: cleaning, sterilizing, filling, filling & sealing, labeling, syringe processing, feeding, sorting, loading trays, isolation technology and specialized solutions.

Medicated chewing gum: An alternative oral drug delivery system.

Groninger Health In Gum

Food waste management solutions, innovative catering equipment, modular underbar systems and back bar equipment.

Semi-automatic and hand held capping machines and bottle cappers.

State of the art German engineered tablet presses for the pharmaceutical-, detergent-, chemical-, food & confectionary-, battery- and nutraceutical industries.


Blisters and sachets, Cartoning machines and complete packaging lines for solid, liquid and paste products.

Stainless steel containers, drums and modular process equipment components, product handling and customized systems.

High quality labelling equipment for pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Automatic depalletisers for crates, cases and containers in bulk Roll-fed labeller Level filler for beverages Volumetric fillers for viscous liquids Weight fillers for viscous liquids Shrinkwrap and tray-packers Wraparound packers Combined wraparound and shrink-wrap packer Automatic palletisers with 90 degree infeed for cartons, bundles and other packs Automatic palletisers with in-line infeed for cartons, bundles and other packs Robot palletisers for bundles, cartons and other packs AGV - Automated guided vehicle.

IMC Kinex Cappers Korsch Lleal Mediseal Muller Newman Labelling OCME

Bottle unscramblers, bottle-puck handling systems, shrink bundlers, secondary orienters, and canister- and pouch-style desiccant feeders.

Tablet tooling.

Vacuum transfer of powders.

Omega Designs Piab

With ProfilGate cleaning grates soiling problems can be eliminated directly at the entrance zones Dirt transportation from tires into sensible areas is very often underestimated. First of all the entrance zones will be contaminated and following vehicles will then spread the dirt further into the production areas. We help keep the dirt out by strategic placement of the ProfilGate cleaning mats.

ProfilGate RBP Bauer

De-blistering machines

Sampling Systems are world leaders in the design and manufacture of sampling equipment and associated accessories. There are over 1500 samplers and sampling devices in our range and so we are confident that we will have a sampler that meets your requirements. If not, then we will custom design one to meet your needs. We keep over one million items in stock.

Tube fillers.

Processing of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Automatic and semi-automatic inspection equipment for injectables.

Check weighing, X-Ray & Metal Detection; Allen coding thermal transfer coders.

Sampling Systems

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